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Kentie was born during a snowstorm in a suburb north of Philadelphia in 1964. He went to school in the Abington Township public schools and thinks he had a good education there. He had no religious training, except for the occasional visit to the local Presbyterian church with his grandmother, a prophetess. As a boy Kentie loved art, music, and teaching, and he watched out for the underdog, especially the robins his born again, fundamentalist neighbors tried to kill with their David and Goliath slingshots.

After high school Kentie studied linguistics and biology at Temple University, but he wasn't able to complete his studies because he had to go to work to support himself, his mother and his sister. They were hard times, but they were full of the joy that only poor people know--like rummaging through the sofa for coins (quarters were big game), and eating spaghetti with Ragu every night! Now he knows it's better to have money. But during this time Kentie's mind wasn't idle. He read Hermann Hesse and Ayn Rand, kept up with science in the Scientific American, and participated in community theater, performing in Kismet, Chicago, and Mame.

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